Saturday, February 4, 2012

baru nampak....

Following the new guidelines, the maximum tenure for car loans will be capped at nine years with immediate effect.

Furthermore, the debt-service ratio of civil servants would be capped at around 60%. For others, the banks will determine for themselves and not have a fix ratio in determining what the maximum amount of loan a borrower can take.....

Starting July next year, borrowers will not be penalised heavily for early settlement of their loans.Instead, banks will only be allowed to charge for the cost incurred in processing the loan and not for profit loss from the early settlement of the loan.

tiga perkara yg aku baru sedar.....last week pergi bank tanya pasal item atas ...jawapan banker sangat sedih.... "kami pun tak dimaklumkan lagi" :) :)


  1. thanx for sharing..tapi ce ko tukar font. pening nak membaca

  2. nanti aku try carik font yg canggih sikit....:)